Small business financing done right

Funds in your bank account within 24 hours

What is Fintegra?

We’re an alternative financing company that provides small businesses with up to $250,000 in working capital.

We help the neighborhood pizza shop renovate its restaurant. We help the family-owned clothing store replenish its inventory before the year-end holiday season. We help the manufacturing company purchase a CNC machine to automate production. We give contractors the confidence to bid on jobs knowing that they can rely on us for the up-front cash to purchase building materials and hire crews.

Unlike traditional banks, Fintegra’s financing is super fast (often within 24 hours) and is customized to the circumstances of each business.

How do we do it? Fintegra’s sales-based financing injects a lump sum of cash into a business in exchange for a portion of that business’s future revenue. Business owners can invest our funds as they see fit, and Fintegra manages the daily or weekly debits from the business’s checking account. Unlike a traditional loan, the dollar amount of payments and the length of the payback period aren’t fixed – they vary based on the actual revenue of the business, which prevents an undue burden on the business’s cash flow.

How Does It Work?

Three simple steps to receive funds
  • Complete our online application
  • Review and sign our funding agreement
  • Answer any outstanding questions
    Funds are wired to your business

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